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Firstleaf takes the guesswork out of wine selection, delivering world-class wines tailored to your taste

What our members are saying

"Pulls no punches - bright, flavorful, with healthy bouts of citrus and sweet fruit."

"Had to open this one right away! I LOVE it! It's going to be so good with country ribs."

"Salsa & chips and Watchful Maker Sauvignon Blanc on a mild Kansas Saturday."

"Was an unexpected delight. Tart tannins balanced the fennel in the meatballs."

Andrew C.

Julie B.

Shawna A.

Amanda M.

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Does Firstleaf charge a membership fee?Nope!
What happens after my first order?
After you try the introductory order, we will send you six-bottle club shipments based on your unique taste preferences. You can choose to have these come every 2 to 12 weeks. Plus, as you rate your wines, our wine experts learn more about your tastes, which they will use when setting your future club shipments. It’s why Firstleaf gets better with every box.
What is the cost of future shipments?After the introductory shipment, your club orders will be $90.00 + $14.95 shipping and tax. Shop Firstleaf Exclusive wines a la carte at our online store and receive club pricing (6 wines for 30% off retail) no matter which six you pick. Plus, if you double your order to 12 bottles, shipping is free.
What types of wine do we have?We work hard to find the best wines from around the world for our members. The list of wines we offer is constantly evolving to feature new varietals from 5 continents and 12 countries - ranging from sweet to dry, restrained to bold, light to full-bodied and more.
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